Problem in Mesh Analysis

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I tried to solve this problem using Mesh Analysis and got a wrong answer. I have to found the value of v0 in the circuit. Right answer is 20 V which I have found using Nodal Analysis. But why I am getting a wrong answer by mesh analysis, what mistake I am making, please answer it. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


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I'm not a big fan of a Mesh Analysis. But from what I remember the mash current direction (clockwise in your case) will automatically determines the polarity of voltage across the resistors. So, for example if I1 current enters 2k ohm's resistor from the bottom side we have "+" at the bottom" and "-" and the top. And the Mash equation will look like this:
2kΩ*I1 - 30V + 20V + (I1 - I2)*5kΩ = 0
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Look at your very first equation. As you go around the loop, the mesh current I1 is going in the same direction (clockwise) as you go through both resistors. Yet you have one as being negative and the other as being positive. Does that make sense?