Problem creating hex file for PIC18F4550.

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Please help me creating hex file for PIC18F4550. I am rigging up a circuit for voice input output using pic microcontroller.
I need it for my final year project. Please help me out guys. i am Posting the c code.
If possible please create the hex file.
thank you.



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Ummm. You need the C18 compiler, or equivalent, to compile your source file into a .HEX file that you can use to program an actual part. I think it might be a free download from the Microchip website.


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I just talked to your instructor and they said we should not help you and that your grade will be marked down some just because you asked someone to do this for you..


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Once you get this to build and program your pic and the LCD doesn't respond go back to the data sheet for the LCD and see how long the delay after power on to the time you can use it is, then add that delay to your code.


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It is not clear that he has a clean compile yet. Can't do anything without first getting a clean compile. Only way to do that is to understand the error messages, and if the error messages are in English, and English is not your first language it could be a problem.

Are there compilers with error messages in Kannad, Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi? I would be surprised if there were.


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The code is not yours, is it?
Have you tried to understand what it does?
Error codes? Which ones?
It looks like the project is from the EngineersGarage.
First step is to tell us what compiler you are using and what the error messages say. A better step is to try to design and code the project yourself maybe using the article as a starting point. As others have pointed out, there are likely problems in the code itself.
Good luck.

EDIT: It looks like the original code was written in HiTech C. The source will compile with XC8 after a few syntax cleanups. Compile it, review each error and fix it. It took me about 5 minutes. Since its your senior project, I'll leave the rest to you.
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I think they are if your location is known.
Yes, I agree that all times on postings are in the time zone of the viewer, if his location is known. It is NOT the case that my postings are in EST, and the TS/OPs postings are in Bangalore time. All the times I see are EST so I can estimate how long it has bee since the TS/OP made his last post.