Pride Rascal Mobility Scooter

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I have a Pride Rascal Mobility Scooter (~10 yrs old), and today it started doing this thing which I can only describe as lurching. I was riding it at regular speed (80 to 95%) and it slowed down momentarily for no reason, even though the battery indicator (needle) did not drop down to zero.

It did this intermittently for the last 15 minutes - 1/2 km of my ride, and increasingly more and more. It would slow down almost to a full stop, and then it would slowly start moving again. Then stop, start, crawl, slow down, crawl, increase, decrease, lurch, lurch, lurch...... For the most part the battery charge indicator stayed at around 80% - it did not cut out, although just before getting home the needle did fluctuate right down to 15% a couple of times, and then back up to its usual level of 80%.

Does anybody know what this could be? Do I need to replace the potentiometer? Or does this sound like I need to put new brushes on the motor? Or?

I noticed several posts here about this model of scooter, so maybe someone knows about this?



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Make sure to photograph all parts and their connections clearly before dismantling!
I've no experience with that scooter, but IMO if the lurching/intermittency was independent of the pot position then the culprit is unlikely to be the pot. Motor brushes could be the issue, or there could be a faulty component (electrolytic capacitors are prime suspects) in any motor control module.
Hi I don't know if I'm doing this right but I have a pride Revo electric scooter and I need the firing order for the speed probe and the throttle somebody busted it up and I don't know the which way the colors go