Power Line Carrier Circuit - 12VDC

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Hi all again.
I reread all the posts, stared at schematics, and researched inductors and capacitors a bit. Then I took a break.
I finally understand what C1 in this schematic does https://www.electronicdesign.com/te...cuit-communicates-over-lowvoltage-power-lines. It would act as a charge pump, or a way to draw the voltage down depending on how the second pin is connected if I am looking at it right. The SN74 really wouldn't be needed for bit banging as I plan to do.

I downloaded the specification needed finally and found that my picture of a waveform above in #9 is a single bit. I also found in the spec a table listing the voltage offsets for 360 points of that waveform that I need to detect and reproduce. The detect part will be easy enough...

I have some ideas and some inductors and capacitors on the way to experiment with. I'll be back with something that works, or something that doesn't...