Potentiometer Controlled by Cell phone.

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Hi everyone, I currently use b50k dual gang potentiometers to control 0-5v output voltages in a car audio setting. Effectively acting as a "volume" knob for big stereo systems. What I'm trying to do now is eliminate the need to hold a box with a potentiometer and a bunch of wires coming out of it.

I'm looking for ideas on how I can make the same thing happen but via a cell phone app. The app design I have covered once I figure out the hardware and circuits needed. Thanks I advance.
How about an Arduino webserver and a wifi router. The wifi would just be available in the car. Sorry, no world wide web with this method.

then you have bluetooth.

Cloud based systems make the it available everywhere on the web.


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Take a look at Cypress BLE and Bluetooth offerings -


Some short videos on basics -


https://github.com/cypresssemiconductorco/PSoC-4-BLE 100 Projects in 100 days

A Cypress PSOC chip, ARM + Analog, makes it easy to do the control + the mixed signal.

Attached is a catalog of onchip resources (varies by part) available to user.

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Thanks for the info! I am only looking for inside the car coverage. Well maybe a few feet outside the car coverage. I'm not familiar with Cypress PSoC chips so I'll look into them and do some research. All I'm really looking for is a dual gang potentiometer that can be controlled via a cell phone app instead of a turn knob.