PNP transistor array

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Hello guys, i am currently searching for a transistor array with 10+ transistor to minimize the usage of single transistors, my design need 20 PNP to drive the gate of N-MOS, i could only find quad arrays so i don't know if anyone know an IC with more than that.

the collector of those PNP is connected to the base of the N-MOS in the second image.

the purpose of using NPN is because the PWM expander work as sink only output.

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Why are you going about it in such a complex way?
Firstly, if you accept that the logic is reversed, will the LED driver not drive the transistors directly, with just a pull-up resistor?
Secondly, why not use an LED driver that is intended to drive external transistors, such as PCA9685?
Thirdly, why not use a I2C output expander such as PCF8575 or MCP23017?
Fourthly, why not use logic gates to invert the logic such as 74HC04 or 74Hc540?