PLEASE HELP: How to connect Female parallel port to computer

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Nani Kore

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To be precise I have a project that involves a Bill Acceptor, which is made by APEX. Now I made a connection to the bill acceptor to a female parallel port. My problem is connecting this female parallel port to the computer. Is there any way? Ive been looking for an adaptor ( male parallel port ) but cant seem to find one. Thank you in advance!



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It's not a for parallel port, the wire is too skinny.
If you look the thing up on the internet, they don't have a parallel port version.

It's probably a serial port connection, RS-232.


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Is your unit covered in this manual? Reason I ask is because they mention RS232 serial communication. They also mention USB communication neither of which would work with an older parallel port using a DB25 connector, even if the computer has a parallel port connector.