PLCs, confused!!!, struggling to understand, looking for book/website

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im studying HNC at college and PLCs is a unit I have. I have a trainer that im working on at college made by Bytronics. I have to program it to complete a process. I also have rslogix 500 and trying to work through the simulations. im getting stuck at certain points, I have a silo that I have to program. it is a conveyor belt that carries a box to the silo, the box is stopped by a proximity senors, a solenoid is activated that fills the box, when the box is full the solenoid shuts off and the box carries on. this should deactivate the proximity sensor as the proximity sensor controls the motor.
I want to get better and flow charts though I dont understand to much about writing them out well. should each box be a separate action, so one box for the solenoid, one for the level sensor,
does anyone know of a good website that has problems you can work through?
I have looked at books on the internet but some workbooks require a study book to go with it and I have way too many books to read already.

1. so writing flowcharts and understanding how to write them
2. understanding the order of a ladder logic program

if anyone could help with these that would be great



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The process you describe should be fairly easy to program, but if you also want to write a flow chart first, you would use standard flow chart procedure and proceed down in a logical manner one process at a time.
And of course the Sensors and switches would be an input and the solenoid the end result output action dependent on the input.
I don't know of any in depth PLC courses on line but I assume you have the SLC500 manual, many large cities also have a A.B. rep of some kind and material can be obtained from them.
I have also used a good book by John Ridley but it is geared to Mitsubishi.
Standard Flow chart instruction and even software is available out on the web.