PICAXE Controlled Audio Switch

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I am looking to make an audio switch, using a PICAXE.

I've been looking for a way of being able to switch between audio sources and would like to stay away from relays and use something more discreet.

All the axe will do is send a signal to a device to change between 2 inputs, but I'm unable to find what the best device would be.

Anyone got any suggestions?


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Sounds complicated.

The obvious way to do it is:
1) Analog audio signal 1 goes to axe ADC 1. Analog audio signal 2 goes to axe ADC 2.
2) Analog audio signal exit axe from DAC 1 and goes
3) Use some kind of switch to tell axe to use either ADC 1 or ADC 2.
Seems too complicated. And there are issues with digitizing input (using ADC) and then converting digital back to analog (using DAC).

I would think using a simply two poll switch would be easier, but I don't know how well such switches work in audio.


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Take a look at the 4066 IC. It is often used for audio switching. It has four SPST switches that can be controlled by your microcontroller.