PIC IDE for Assembly language

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I'm looking advice for PIC16F877A. Which IDE you're using to Program PIC in assembly language MPLAB or MPLABX?

Which one would you recommend for beginner ?

Ian Rogers

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MPLABX gets very messy with assembly since V3.x I would use MPLAB8.xx as it has still support for MPASMWIN

You can still use "other" IDE's.. such as Eclipse or TextPad...

I have Proteus, so I always use their VisualStudio...


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One more vote for 8.xx
I made the mistake of beginning to migrate some clients' assembly language projects to X for future-proofing. Mistake. 8.xx has better WATCH window functionality for assembler and later versions of X now have killed the excellent MPASMWIN in favor of the stripped down assembler used by XC compilers. Stick with 8.xx while you can.

Ian Rogers

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Data sheet has all!! However!! if you can get the pic16f887.. You'll really like that chip.. Tons more features, cheaper AND internal clock source...