Pic 16f628a ouput to Android via USB

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I have a pic 16f628a circuit with a 16x2 LCD display for output and a ,4x4 numeric keypad for input. Works well. My object is to use an Android 10 connected by USB to pic and to show the text on LCD on to the phone screen and on the input by keypad on the phone. Each in parallel and both showing the info
What is simplest way to do this. Would Roboremo app work. What to do to add USB connectivity to existing pic board. Thankyou


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About the simplest would be using a terminal app on android to connect to an ftdi USB to serial which is then connected to the serial port of the PIC. Any PIC will work that way.
I don't know of any suitable apps off hand, but there has to be something out there.

What kind of experience do you have with android and pic? Android I/O can be a psin, but doable if you want to make your own app. I haven't messed with usb yet, but I do have a couple socket apps that had me ready to give up before I found the right example and explanation for it all to make sense
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A Bluetooth module connected to the serial port on the PIC is another possibility. You could then run a terminal emulator such as "Blueterm" on the android device.