Photocell array, reverse engineering, what is this connection doing? Analog or digital?

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Working with an old area measuring machine. the controls are from the late 80s early 90s. Pretty neat when you look at what we do now.

I have a device that has 64 photo sensors across a 5 foot span. A fluorescent light shines down upon it, activating the sensors. this is connected via wire to a 20 pin connector. As the material to be measured passes between the sensors and the light at a known set speed reference, it calculates the area displays it on a screen and sends a signal to a hot stamp machine which then marks it. Also it print out proof of calibration certificates via small printer with required information on machine properties for their customers invoice requirements.

My hope is that I can get someone who would recognize the devices used and the configuration/connections of them to tell me what this is doing and what wires it is doing them on.

All help appreciated


If you have any questions or need another view on this device let me know, better yet if you know what it is and how it works would bee even better.

Thanks for looking!