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Ryan Olsen

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i want to build a lithium powered solar pest repeller, ive done quite a bit of research and am stumped on a few points, as i live in canada i cannot buy tone generators, standard lithium chargers and also outdoor pest conrollers lol. , only lithium chargers i can get are phone chargers legally in canada,
i dont need to use the exact parts here,

this is for a large area in an orchard so i will probably need to build 4-6 of these.

  • this says its 100watts, but i have no idea what power usage it will have at 20000hz on for 2s off for 5s , would i need a seperate amplifier to power this? perferably something smallish so i can put it into a waterproof irrgation box- Blast King 73B0050 3.34-Inch Piezo Tweeter

am i taking the right approach to this or any ideas of a simpler way to do this?
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