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I working on a redesign of Dave's Jones ruler.. What would you guys change or add to the design ???
I wanted to add a IC pin straighter to design among other things and need you input..


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Your post contain absolutely nothing useful. Why do you assume that we know who Dave's is, who Jones is, what you mean by "ruler", etc.etc.etc. Free help does not absolve you of all responsibility. Think first, then type.



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I wanted to add a IC pin straighter to design among other things and need you input.
Never paid much attention to his ruler. First time in years I hear anyone interested on a pins straighter. I bought mine at Radio Shack 25++ years ago and use it once in a while only with up to 18 pins ICs.


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I wanted to add a IC pin straighter
I doubt that it would be a very effective straightener. You need something that will flatten the leads before you can fix pin pitch. I use the tool below and flat jaw needle nose pliers:
I bought mine 20 years ago when they were about half the price; wish I had ordered a spare...


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I think the only extra feature I used on this ruler were the hole diameters, and possibly once the pin pitch scales and maybe once or twice the mil/mm conversion.
I cannot think of anything useful that I would want to add.
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