PCB Part Number / Drawing Numbers

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Hi All,

We currently use a part number for our bare boards (then an assembly part number for the populated board), we also have a drawing number for the board design, (which may also include revisions).

We never have revisions for part numbers - either FFF or new number.

We order the board by our part number, quoting the drawing number as the suppliers part -

What is the general guidance for putting these references on the actaul board? I.e. part number / drawing number, or both.



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One company that I worked for had a very good part numbering system. It had a prefix for the bare board, PB, with a number denoting the specific board model. Assembled boards that used a particular bare board would get a PA number for the assembly. A PA assembly would also have the same model number as the PB making it very easy to find out what bare board was used in the assembled board. Assembled boards would also get a suffix of up to 3 digits that denoted BOMs for specific builds. For example, if a board was fully populated it would get suffix -001. If certain parts were not needed in a particular build it would get suffix -002 and if a different set of parts were not needed -003 and so on.

The PB number was tied to the schematic, board layout and gerber files.

The PA number was tied only to the BOM with the specific PB board as the first item in the BOM.

Both the PA and PB numbers could also have a letter suffix to denote revision level. An example part number would be bare board PB1234A and assembled board PA1234-001. The BOM for PA1234-001 would call out the specific revision of the bare board.