PCB - DRY FILME Applicattion

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Hi all!

I bought, two times, Dry Filme, (UV sensible), from England and from China in the eBay and Aliexpress.

The problem is:
After develop, preserve a tiny gel over the cooper and it do a insulation to the chemical erosion.
  • Please! What is this gel and how to remove it out of the process?

The Process:
  1. Professional fotolite filme. Real black block from policrome printer process.
  2. PCB good worked with sand paper before all job.
  3. New Dry Filme, one of its protection layer removed out, Filme applied with a new one Olimpia A330 from Germany.
  4. Burner, UV leds Matrix with 96 leds, 7.2 W input, 30 cm fare from the target pcb.
  5. Exposure time did from 30 s to 1 minute.
  6. Environment illumination, tungsten lamp with color bulb yellow. No other lights in. PC off. Work in the night time and window closed with fixed Venetian blind and no other UV source.
  7. Developer, Sodium Bicarbonate heated until 250 ºC for 1/2 hour.
  8. Water from the dehumidificator in home with PH 6.7.
  9. For help the process, I used a make-up bruch
  • PCB detail
  • LED Burner PCB
  • PCB Burner on