PBS or PBSe photoresistor or ldr

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    Apr 28, 2017
    are there commodity PBS (lead sulfide) or PBSe (lead selenade) photoresitor / LDR or sensor plates?
    there are lots of CDS LDR most of them of the GL55xx series
    but during my google searches

    i've only found some links from wikipedia on lead selenide

    but these are pretty much specialized and seemed not mass produced (i.e. expensive for each module)
    the main use case for these is that they can detect IR in 1um - 5um range which can't be detected by those CDS sensors , silicon photodiodes and phototransistors
    and these wavelengths falls in the infrared absorption bands of all sorts of plastics, organics and even water
    they also coincide with the black body radiation bands between 0deg C - 300degC, but for thermal sensing PIR sensors would do the job.
    but PIR sensors often have a cutoff window/filter at 5um, so 1um - 5um remains a gap that don't seemed to be mapped

    ordinary ir diodes peak at 900nm and cds sensors peak at 600nm, and frequencies below 1000nm, they simply cut off

    i'm thinking that otherwise, i'd modify a PIR sensor and remove the filter to see how that works