Parallel power help needed

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So im having an issue in my truck. My company will not let me install a inverter that hooks to the battery (some idiot previous to me burned his rig down using the wrong wire.) They will let me use a dc outlet (cig lighter type) inverter, problem is i need more power then a single cig lighter can provide. What im thinking is i can use 2 dc outlets (i have 5 in here on separate circuits) in parallel to power a larger inverter. First of all will this work? And do i need to add any extra protection. I know what your thinking just do it the right way but unfortunately thats not an option.


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As long as the separate circuits are intended to be used at the same time, it should work. The issue is whether the circuits will share sufficiently equally in order to prevent one from blowing its fuse (and the other following immediately thereafter). In theory you could put in ballast resistors or monitoring and balancing circuits, but that probably is not needed.

I'd try it and see. The worst that can happen is it blows the two fuses. The fuses should protect the truck wiring (that's what they are there for).