Parallel DC Power supply individual protection (fuses?)

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Hi All,

I have a power supply which provides 660W output power. The input voltage is 300V-243V.
The technique I am adopting is to split the converter into two parallel units - one resonant converter supplying the 600W and a smaller, 60W active clamp flyback to produce the 60W power. The inverters are both Gallium nitride PCB's and have already been designed. However I am worried about issues I may have when developing my controller to do with current sharing or whatever may arise with the converters.

I was wondering, is it best to have DC fuses in these types of supplies? I have been looking at: This could do for the higher current resonant, and I will find a lower current fuse for the lower current flyback. The GaN boards are rated at 8Aand 400V so I would like to have a fuse that set to below at approximately that level. Is this a good idea, or is not worth the hassle? Is it best to have one single high power, high current fuse at the input or is it best to have two individual DC fuses placed in series with each power supply?

There will be overcurrent limits in my controller design - but for the early prototype I do not expect this to be functioning 100% correctly straight away!

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