Pairing of remote with switch relay reciever

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Do someone know what one could do to pair the switch relay receiver and the remote in the links below? I have a 8 channel remote and switch, but only some of the buttons are working - and not channel 1 to port 1, channel 2 to port 2 etc, but more random pairing. In addition, there is a relatively high beeping sound when the relay operates from input from the remote - slight oscillating mismatch maybe? Both devices use 433 MHz. Looks like the encoding on the relay is PT2264 and on the remote PT1527 (assuming PT although eV1527 is imprinted physically on a board chip?).

Is there a chip or something I could replace somewhere?

Pictures of the circuit board of the remote attached, and video of the internals of the switch here:!10000000434084947!sea

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