P chanel mosfet fast turn off

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Hey guys,
I want to make a circuit that would allow me to more '' quickly'' turnoff/open a p chanel mosfet.
My P mosfets are at the entrance(in series with the votlage supply) of my circuits and I want to be able to open them quickly if I have an over voltage condition.

I know that with n chanel mosfet we can use a diode and a pnp transistor (like showed in the linked photo) to provide a low-impedance path to the gate capacitor to discharge itself.
However I'm not sure to understand how it would work with a P chanel mosfet. Would someone have an example or some documentation I could follow ?

I posted a photo of my actual circuit I did but I'm really not sure this would work.
Thanks a lot for the help !



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Is your Power-Supply not Regulated ?,
if it's not, then it needs to be before you pop something.

A simple Voltage-Regulator seems to be what You are asking for.

You have not provided enough information for other people to
get a good over-view of what You are trying to accomplish.

How much Voltage from your Power-Supply ?,
how much Current can it deliver while maintaining that Voltage ?
How much Voltage and Current required for your Circuit's operation.
Are You using multiple-Voltage-Rails to Power Peripherals at different Voltages ?