Ordering from JLCPCB etc.

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I have some things drawn up that I'd like to get turned into a more professional looking PCB vs. hand soldering etc.

Some of my components are old/difficult to source and I can't image JLCPCB would have something in stock. I heard conflicting things on this. Would they source a replacement? Or just leave it empty?


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Would they source a replacement? Or just leave it empty?
I have JLCPCB make two orders a month. Some times they just leave that spot open and some times they kick back the order in 2 hours. (either way I know and can get parts ready)
inventory Look at their parts. I changed my parts to match their parts list. They will only use their parts that are in stock. "Basic" parts are best for price. Check the "in stock" button so you only see good parts.

They only do SMD on one side of the board.

I have them do the SMD that I hate soldering. So my boards come with some through hole parts missing and two capacitors on the bottom side missing.

I think they will do more of the assembly (hand work) but I have not asked. They quoted my a price per hour.

I get parts from digikey.com and mouser and ...... but recently lcsc.com which is where JLCPCB get their parts from. China is only 3 days away from me! via DHL


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I use Allpcb, and they seem to be at least as good as I am at finding difficult-to-find parts. If they want to substitute a component then they will ask for approval before they use it, but it's up to you to check that it really is equivalent.
A quick check that it shows up on Findchips.com, usually indicates that it won't be a problem.


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I hate and love JLCPCB. I love the PCBs but the assembly is both good and bad.
There is a file to say where the parts go on the PCB.
The help person said this format for the Position File.
The web sight said it must be in this format.
I say ( do not include "mm". Also "top" worked last time.) The error message is "wrong format". There is no way to know what is wrong. Try "Top", "top", "TOP", "T", "t" who know what is wrong this time.

Sometimes this format works and some time I need to add "Designator ......Rotation" on line 1.
I never know which format will work this time.
BOM format should be like this, but I have never had it work. Remove line 1 and it works.
Good things: You can see a picture of what your board will look like with the parts on it, Errors can be seen. There are many real reasons to use JLCPCB for assembly.

There is a assembly house close to me. It takes hours on the phone to get them to put the parts on the board. So fighting with JLC's computer for hours over "wrong format" is about the same to me. JLCPCB is 1/10 the price and I guess I will continue to use them.