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Hello All. I am trying to repair some old electronics on a car so that the left turn indicator cancels. A small issue, but irritating, and one of the guys on the car forum recommended this forum as one where I may be able to get some help. I believe the issue is that one of the sensors on the board has failed, meaning it’s not reading when it’s covered by the disc on the steering column when the wheel is turned. I attach an image of the sensors. Can anyone identify them or a modern alternative (given they’re 23 years old...). DFF43FD6-5674-493D-8769-06D7DBE066A3.jpegB84B7437-2FD2-43C1-991E-BFA401CB8E07.png4F6C902E-2869-4AEC-AE39-330EFB193FC4.png


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They look like a common optical slot sensor but they come in a variety of sizes and types. The receiver may be a simple phototransistor (two wires, as in your case it appears) or it may include electronics to output a logic '1' or '0'. You will need to find one which matches the one you have.
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