One USB to 3 UART

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Please see the attached image.

I have three devices with only UART in all three devices

I need to communicate with all three devices at the same time using one USB

I have see USB to UART using FTDI converter . But that is for one to one.

Here one USB to 3 UART I need to connect. Is it possible ?

I saw one FTDI device FT4232H and the datasheet says "Single chip USB to four channels UART (RS232, RS422 or RS485) or Bit-Bang interfaces. "

can I use this device for my application ?

If yes, then how do I interface AD,BD,CD,DD Bus0 to Bus 7 to my device which has got only tx rx, Do I need any interface IC?

Also I know RS232 is multi drop. Can I use RS232 for this sort of communication ?


Check out this datasheet also... Starting on the bottom of page 13 it shows the different pins functions. Judging from your post I think you have already. Match up the tables between the two.

I'm assuming in the "normal" mode the driver would just create four virtual ports like a normal serial port to use to connect with in program.