Old 1996 issues of Electrical Design News or Electronic Design

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I'm looking for an old Samsung ad in a 1996 issue of Electrical Design News or Electronic Design. The ad was running in both magazines and issues with high probability of having the ad is:
- Electrical Design News, Volume 42, Issues 9-12
- Electronic Design, Volume 44, Issues 15-20

If you think you have access to any of the above issues and would be able to scan the ad please leave a note and I will provide more information.

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It's the Samsung KS82C614A 3D-accelerator chip I'm looking for.
I've made posts at Beyond3D and VOGONS:

Some chip designers (former Samsung employees) have now stepped forward to announce their involvement, but I haven't reached out to them yet.

I'm mainly just interested in seeing some specifications and performance benchmarks.

For those who don't follow "why": 3D graphics cards / graphics accelerators from 1995-1997 era or thereabouts tend to be a bit historically interesting, as it tended to be early days, and many did things differently from each other. Sometimes they didn't even support just the well-known Direct3D and OpenGL APIs, as they were very new then still, but sometimes also proprietary 3D APIs of their own. And if any graphics cards still existed that supported this chip, they would be extremely rare, and probably a prototype, because as far as we know, it was never officially released.