Odd plug type. Looking for power strip that will convert to 120 v US plug.

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Michael Granatosky

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I really appreciate your help. Recently I inherited a piece of equipment that has a very odd power output (see attached photos). I am looking for a powerstrip (see attached photos) that will accept these plugs and convert them to a 120 v US plug. I have one, but need a second

Any ideas? Or is this an impossible task and a rewire is required?

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Michael Granatosky

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Did you identify what the function of each pin is?
You may have to rewire to a more accessible standard.
As of yet no. I am a little nervous rewiring as I am not an electrician and this comes from very expensive equipment. How would one go about identifying the function of each pin?


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Ref IMG_1436, I assume this is the power strip you referred to. Does it have a cord attached with a standard US plug on it? If so, start out by using an ohmmeter to determine the connections between the plug an the socket on the power strip.


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The very first question I ask is do you know what voltage the equipment with those plugs requires? I have seen them used for 12 volt equipment and also to supply both DC and heater power to electronic devices. I have NEVER seen those connectors used as 120 volt power connections, and so it does not seem likely that the required power is 120 AC.
In fact, connecting 120 or 220 volts AC to that connector is probably the most effective way to destroy whatever equipment they are attached to. And I am totally serious about that. At one time plug strips as shown were used to distribute DC and heater power for HAM radio equipment.