Npn power transistor replacement. I think this will work?.?.?

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trying to replace 2 Npn power transistors marked D13009k which is same as MJE13009.

But basically the price of two of them is near the same price of just buying another power supply..... 24v 12a (120v)

i'm trying to place a order at Jamesco for some 10 segment led bar graph and need to meet minimum order price... GRRR.

they do not have any exact equivalent replacements for the d13009k/mje13009. But they do have a BUV48A by STMicro which I believe will work.
They also have a Onsemi FJA4313OTU But I'm not so sure about that one.

I belive the BUV48A by ST should work. Max voltage and current are equal or higher but there a few other ratings I'm just not sure about.

Can I use these? (Keep in mind I'm only powering with 120v...)
Below are the ratings for each

transistor specs.jpg
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