noob needs help with LCD tv no picture

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tony veakins

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i have a 2007 polaroid LCD tv model TDA 03211c (picked up for free) so i decided to see if i could fix it. I did some research and found out some common problems When i first powered up tv i all i got was the red standby light. So when i opened it up i saw that the the two caps (most common problem) on the pwr supply were replaced. So i removed them and tested them (DDM cap test) test ok i and placed back on pwr supply. Then i replaced the inverter fets that feed pwr to inverters (the least known problem). So i then powered up ONLY the pwr supply. These are the voltages DC output pin outs on con1 are stb= 0v 5vsb=5v 5v=0v 12v=0v gnd gnd gnd agnd 20v=0v. The next thing i did was short pins stb (powers the logic board) to 5vsb to check voltage on 12v and 20v. The voltage is 12v=11.8 20v=22.6 do not know what agnd is. Con 2 pin out is apwm=0 fdata1=0 fdata2=0 Bk_on=0 fpwm=0 gnd=0 Note: have read the old thread labled troubleshooting a tv supply with johndoe45 and R!f@@ Jan 2010 Very helpfull but my problem is alittle different Hope to get some guidance