NG Spice current reference

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    Nov 16, 2015
    Ok so i've written this code to plot the I-V characteristic of a NMOS transistor :

    .include "0.25_Cmos_Models"
    .option scale=2u

    M1001 2 1 0 0 CMOSN w=3u l=2u
    + ad=19p pd=18u as=19p ps=18u

    Vgs 1 0 dc 0v
    Vdd 3 0 dc 0v

    *zero voltage source to measure current
    Vz 2 3 dc 0v
    .dc Vdd 0v 2.5v 0.25v *Vvgs 0v 2.5v 0.25v

    plot Vz#branch v(3)


    Then i get this error :

    Scale set
    Doing analysis at TEMP = 27.000000 and TNOM = 27.000000

    Fatal error: m1001: effective channel length less than zero
    doAnalyses: parameter value out of range or the wrong type

    run simulation(s) aborted
    Error: no such vector vz#branch

    How is it possible to calculate the current? I'm using ngspice-26