News article, counterfeit IC

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The claim is the article is a piece of fabrication.

The author doesnt really know what hes talking about. My opinion is exactly this.

Also I clearly say, only professional, forensic examination can spot a fake IC.

The author, if by carelessness or on purpose, is spreading fear, is confusing online buyers, and is reducing confidence in the ebay online avenue.

It also should be said ebay is only a service broker and its individual sellers who have the item.

How the font looks like or if the print is good/bad quality says exactly nothing at all.

Makers of smoke and fire detectors dont buy off ebay and neither do Avionics companies so its propaganda hes mentioning lifesaving devices.
Its utterly crap to be honest.

That said, I have now ordered said pieces of CD4013 IC, which are said to be fakes, from a random chinese seller.
Upon arrival these will be examined and tested.

My guess either the author has created a makework of scaremongering on purpose and as such has committed a criminal act,
or hes just careless and has built the testing circuit improperly.

If these IC indeed dont work I will apologize, if they do work, I will order more samples and also test, and will demand
edit/removal, will consider legal action.

So, call it a gamble.

Save me from pointless replies and await my follow up post about "fake" CD4013 IC.

Again my point is a DIY user will have no ability to spot a fake IC, as the chinese are well able to fabricate high quality imprinting, besides, theres tons of parts. This is simply not affecting cheap ICs.

Only mass produced branded items and very expensive parts are affected by counterfeiting.

The typical variety of parts youre using for DIY is no longer mass produced for quite a while, besides inventories theres in fact products on our market imported from foreign markets.

Most chip makers dont seem to care territorial marketing bcz these parts used for DIY only represent a small fraction of revenue.

And anyway almost all consumer electronics I have seen after some years have failed the one or other way. Its nothing special.
Stereos were quite prone to blow up their transistors and require a costly repair, at the time when the appliance repair business was still thriving, no internet, must have been somewhere in the 1980s.

They have been designed close on the margin, bound to blow up some day and need a repair.

Then all this commodore crap was quite bad quality, after some years always some IC failed they had poor static protection, and the capacitors on the PCB the cheapest make you can think of.

Any generic chinese parts used for repair would be of much superior quality.

The tons of imitation Nintendos are a well known fact and dont ask me how they got the blueprints, I can think of it but its basement stuff and you dont want to know about it. In fact, these are counterfeit products even tough they work for their purpose. They arent usually sold on our western domestic market rather in Russia and south east Asia.

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Maybe theyve sent him fake IC on purpose, one possibility.

Besides that I see the article as a how to guide, how to scam on ebay, claim the parts are fake and gamble on the sellers fear,
obtain a free product.

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what article?
Recently here on news.

I want to be clear: A fake IC can only be discriminated by forensic examination by a professional.

And, I will check on the supposed to be fake CD4013 IC, order was placed.

If they work, I expect this to happen, the author will be embarassed and will have to explain.

Its really embarassing its well known ICs often dont just work for some schematic it has to be an IC of a specific make.
Its an experience I made myself especially with logic circuits of different make, they simply dont work just so in any combination.

Exchanging for a different IC from different manufacturer is the solution.

Most people know inside theres something else than the logic drawings and it can be so different for each make.

I really hope he was just careless and didnt cough this up in exchange for payments or with ill intentions.

But its so typical buyer buys online the item doesnt work for his purpose, buyer claims a refund and goes to great amounts of harassment for a few dollars.

Often i have been able to provide guidance how to use some parts, problem solved.

Infrared module didnt work with external relay, buyer from Italy, I explained he needs a diode, it actually was reported as solved. And countless others one time I had to explain a CPLD module has different layout provided changed source code.

The author isnt really doing anyone a favour, you couldnt recognize forged ICs and its not widely done for cheap parts, so theres little point to it.

Pretty gibberish it opens with AI recognition of a knockoff designer handbag. Such as, is a highstreet retail luxury item.

While small ICs are B2B industrials not usually retailed on highstreet, they have no individual branded packaging and brand artwork.

Its not OK to write an article like this just because IC doesnt work for some circuit. It needs forensic evidence or its nothing but hogwash and fearmongering. But well see what next when these ICs are here I will test them.

Stop me really on old CMOS schematics they are just prone not to work for many reasons and as I said often need IC of specific make. Many of these were not designed by engineers but designed DIY by means of try and error.

If the ICs dont work indeed I have to apologize but Ill take the gamble, actually.

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one of the ordered CD4013 arrived today
Another will be here soon

I will check if theres any visual difference, and test them as well when I find some time.IMG_20170705_194051.jpg

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Screenshot 2017-07-11 23.19.41-2.jpg

These are shameless and obvious knockoffs. not fake shoes as such but its IP violation.

SONY had similar problem there was SONY chocolate and they couldnt have it, but, Apple eventually would have reasons not to engage.

Chinese and Indian market apparently are not under control of western OL (office ladies), pretty much a fact.
Here in the western retail such a product would be gone quite quickly.

Ive found a BISONY radio some day, bargaining on SONY and the fact it has two speaker coverings.
Quite attractive retail carton but cheaply made and only one speaker.
Its rather uncommon but does exist especially small shops trading cheap things typically would have some knockoff items bargaining on well known brand names somehow.

There have been companies who just glued on their label on cheap imports, and actually many circuit boards are very similar to each other. Really fake components are not all too common but substandard parts rather.
Theres also all too cheap electronics simply not working at all, ive seen one USB hub circuit board from Russia, no silicon die no epoxy blob, just left out. Bought a cheap thing and simply doesnt work, rather.

And Ive often had cheap electronics becoming defective very quickly.

Dont know what your problems are but makers of expensive HiFi appliances dont buy online they typically have negotiated trade relationships. Same makers of fire alarms or aviation.

But yes recently it came to light what happens if they swap a contractor for a cheaper one, doesnt have to be China in order to have a major trouble. At the end of the day what you pay for is what you get and if you cut and and cut and cut exponentially the chance for substandard or simply defective parts will increase. They may ship dummy parts on purpose in some cases.

Reworked ICs are a curiosity rather theres plenty old stock and new ICs normally no need for this.
Nowadays most consumer electronics are using leadless parts and increasingly, tiny dies are attached to circuit boards.
These parts can no longer be handled by humans.

New stock for some transistor kinds apparently comes from India and is not fake.

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Another chinese CD4013 batch arrived today.


One circuit I saw simply has a RC attached so after pressing a button it will change state and then revery again.

For sure for specific high speed circuits youll need "the original" for some obscure reasons.
Might be theyre relying on specs which were better than specified on the "original" part or some obscurity,
as the internal circuits are often quite different.

But actually I expect both to work.

If not well, I need to apologize and to admit, there are blatant fakes out there on sale.

We'll see soon.

Also I have now in possession PLCC IC made in Scotland, support chips for IBM PC 286 mainboards.
Quite a while ago but there was some ICs being made in England. Ireland too had a NEC factory but also long gone.
Not sure if they produced wafers, only packed dies, or only stamped parts.

And they do have a Intel wafer fab.


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i have sold several of these chinese 4013 IC and didnt receive any complaints

Also recently Ive found some small PDIP IC manufactured in England and theyre not fake, a bit old tough