Newbies (such as I am) might be interested in this little project I came up with when I was bored.

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Rolland B. Heiss

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Basic stuff to most of you I imagine but I didn't have anything else to do a couple of days ago and used my time to make this thing. It's quite interesting to watch the lights react to certain music and even more interesting to watch the lights react to certain people being interviewed when you either know they are adamant about what they are saying, indifferent in relation to what they are saying or when they are telling the truth or lying. Being the musician and music lover that I am I did this primarily to analyze songs that I like in order to see if the lights lit up strongly during the parts of the songs or instrumentals that move me the most. Interestingly enough they did! It was then that I decided to test the lights out in relation to people being interviewed or people merely speaking in a court setting and what I discovered intrigued me a great deal. Mostly something like this is used for entertainment reasons but could a setup like this also perhaps be used as a hit song detector or a lie detector? I have a feeling it could be if enough studies were conducted.