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Hello everyone. Just found the forum today and hope to be on here regularly. Not sure if this is the best forum to ask this but does anyone know the legalities of selling new old stock? I have access to many older Whole House Surge Suppressors that were produced back in the 90s. They were all approved by U.L. 1449 at the time but I have read that U.L. has newer testing for these type of products today? Thanks for any input.


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I doubt that it is illegal to sell them as long as you don’t lie about it, but it might be illegal to install them, just as it would be illegal to wire your house with bare wire and ceramic insulators, which apparently was legal at one time.



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I don't think legal or illegal apply here. UL is not a government agency. While products and devices that are UL rated or listed often are a requirement for a project, I don't think jail time applies.

Your problem is the other L word - liability. My experience with MOV's (almost certainly what is inside your suppressors) is that they have a very long shelf life and probably will work fine. But as you have noted, industry standards have changed and your old parts might not meet the newer certification limits. That might not matter at all technically, but it does open you up to litigation if someone is looking for someone to blame.