Need very small SPST or DPDT SM switch for near flush mounting - maybe with micro LED's?

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Ok, let's say I want to put some switches on the back of a tablet or smart phone. Cut a hole in the case and mount switch from bottom, or drill small holes for wires and mount the switch on the outside of the casing. This currently isn't for tablets or smart phones (though may be in future) but for something similar in construction with almost identical clearances.

It would be ideal if the switch had some micro LED's or if a microLED could be added. I forget what circuit board I was looking at that had these LEDs but they were from .3 - 1mm so they could be tiny and they were BRIGHT for the size! I think the raspberry Pi has some really small LED's.

The wires that need switched are signal wires, not power wires but I can run power to these switches if I can power some of these little LED's (would be SWEET if they were built into the switch)

The two thumbnails are from Rasp Pi 1 and the collage could be from any of the models. I've been trying to find where to get these small LED's but haven't had much luck. Does anyone know what they are even called or what they are designated?

The bottom image are switches from a monitor. These are the buttons for navigating the menu on the monitor. They are about as flat as you can get (from what I have seen) it has a bubble like dome that is pressed by a plastic nipple on a button to activate it - but a finger will work as well.

Surface mount switch.jpg Pi 1 sm.jpg pi_status_leds_collage.jpg