Need to source a 5V DC constant voltage driver for IPCAM

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I'm looking for a UK supplier of a 5V DC constant voltage driver to spur off a household 240v power supply to power an IPCamera via a mini USB connector. The camera has a power consumption spec of 260mA 3.7V DC. I'm not looking for a mobile phone charger with integrated plug, rather a small module that will fit into a plasterboard cavity.

Can anyone provide a link to a product available in the UK that will do the job?

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Have you looked at those power points with integrated USB power supplies? I'm assuming they are available in the UK.
You could tap off the 5V in one of them, and have a handy USB supply as well.
A couple of series diodes, 1N4004 for example, will drop the 5V to around what you want.