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I have been talking to people on this site. I was thinking about making a pwm motor controller with a 555 timer but that won't cut it. Iv been doing research and the only i can have the power i need is to have a control board and a power board. Im looking for a pwm control board that i can easily integrate into my own power board. I know that somenthing like that exists i dont know whats best, something i dont have to program if possible just plug and play with the right connection and anything missing that im missing. If you can help me please do. Thanks


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I think I posted the Dave Johnson 555 version ran off 15vdc, for a large higher voltage motor all you need is a power Mosfet of a suitable rating?
What problems do you forsee with the 555?
They are prevelant on ebay for $5.00 - $10.00
What power board do you have?


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In case of 555 you would need a "socket" to plug/remove capacitor and pot instead of resistor. All other parts in 555 circuit should be/generally are constant and can be permanently attached to the board. I don't know of anyone who makes such 555 board, but there might be somebody. In this manner you don't program anything, whenever you want to change the 555 setup, you plug in appropriate capacitor and adjust the pot.

The resistor could also be a socket, I just thought pot would be more elegant, but if simplicity is key, do a socket. Whenever you need to change 555 setup, just plug in appropriate capacitor and resistor.

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I want to build an electric hot rod power needed i dont know but volltage 48-72 plus or minus. Im looking at mosfets now need big mosets. I just dont want to burn the 555. I plan to start buying things next month but dont want to waste my money. I do read schematics and im an ET student. power board dont have yet but can build one with the right schematic. I just need super high power for brushed dc motors most of the ways ive seen it done used to boards.


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I just dont want to burn the 555
You need a 'mosfet gate driver' between your 555 and the mosfet. Personally I'd use a SG3525 instead of the 555 for the PWM, that's what it's made to do, more robust than a 555 circuit. And also I'd use a smaller/cheaper mosfet to debug the total circuit before committing to that expensive one. As long as you use one that has the same Vgs you'll thank yourself in the end, for not blowing up the high priced one because something wasn't right in the circuit.

Or buy one that's ready to go and no hassles attached. Probably can't build one for that price.