Need help with controller top 50% duty cycle forward , bottom 50% reverse , ESC needs voltage 0-5v

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I am building a project with 2 motorized wheel hubs, with their ESC controllers. I didn't want to use a wired throttle so I picked up a ready made MAYTECH remote with its receiver. The remote is for skateboards and has a thumb throttle push forward to advance pull back to reverse! The problem I now have is that the receiver PWM output is a duty cycle 51-100 % forward and 49-0% reverse.
So now I need to find out how to convert the 51-100% duty cycle to a 0-5v for the ESC in forward mode and a 0-5v with the rev pin toggled for reverse!

So I need a way to detect if the top half of the duty cycle is present and convert the top half to 0-5v and detect the bottom half convert and invert it to 0-5v AND raise the reverse pin on the ESC!
I took my electronics course in the late 70ies and haven't used it since! I retained enough to know what people talk about (mostly) So any help here is appreciated!

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My old-school approach would be to start by integrating the PWM and using a comparator to determine if the result is above or below 2.5V, assuming the PWM amplitude is 5V. The comparator output could toggle forward/reverse. A couple of op-amps could scale/offset/invert the integration result as appropriate to give speed control signals.
.... or you could do all the processing with a microcontroller.