Need help in finding uc2906 spice model

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Tan Kwan Yean

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Hi. I'm new here. Recently I doing a photovoltaic system project. I found out uc2906 is quite a good ic for sealed lead acid charging ic. However, after I calculated all components values needed. I found out Multisim 11, Proteus Professional 8 and LTspice did not have the spice model for uc2906. The Texas Instruments library also does not have it. It is important to do simulation before proceed to hardware. I really need to find the spice model for it as I don't have much time left. Your helps will very appreciated. Thx.


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There is little doubt that Texas Instruments has a SPICE model of the chip -that's part of their development workflow. Whether they will share it is another question, but if you have not already done so, you might want to contact Texas Instruments or their distributor.

The Avnet offices in the area are very good at following up on leads for TI.

Contact information for the Malaysian office is at the URL below.