Need help identifying light emitted

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These are Photos taken from the anode and cathod of a device I'm making I removed all the light,, decreased white point, black point and increased saturation and contrast to get a better view of what was going on, hues and toes were left un adjusted.

Just wondering if the light is electromagnetic light or why the light is the coloring is.


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Yes that light is photons just like ordinary light
The textbook has a chapter about LEDs. Scroll down to about halfway down of this chapter. I know it's there because I was the one that wrote it.

Lessons in Electric Circuits'

Side note: white LED's are actually blue/ ultraviolet LED's coated with a phosphor. Ultraviolet LED's are hard to find because they are slightly hazardous but are good for photo exposing resist on printed circuit boards. UV can damage your eyes.
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