Need help identifying components on circuits

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I'm trying to get into simple circuits. I took a class several years ago in tech school and remember some of it and as a former mechanic I have a good understanding of DC circuits. I have a circuit board and i'm just trying to get an understating of what everything is doing. When I took my class we did not use the smaller components that new boards seem to be using so i'm not sure what the items circled in the picture are. Ive googled the numbers next to them on the board but without know if its a diode or a resistor, ect. it hard to find any info.
So just for reference the board in the picture is for a shift light for a car. Starting at the top the first component has 2 pins and just has a 103 under it. The middle one as 3 pins and has L6 on it. I'm thinking a mosfet? The last one on the bottom has 3 pins and the center piece is adjustable with a screw drivers so im assuming a potentiometer? Thanks for all your help guys!


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The first one 103 is a ceramic chip capacitor, 10nF or 0.010μF.

As you guessed, the third one is a potentiometer.


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The part labeled 103 is a 10,000pF cap, the black three terminal device is a transistor or diode, the part on the lower right is a potentiometer.

EDIT: Did a search for "SMD L6" and this came up, PNP transistor.


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