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Hi all, I hope some clever minds can help me decipher a circuit and work out what's going on to hopefully reengineer parts to make a project work. That's a mouthful lol

So basically to sum it up, in my car I have a reverse camera that works perfectly on the stock head unit however on a replacement head unit that uses a standard RCA jack the picture quality is worse.

This is a simple case of the signal type being wrong for the input type on the new head unit but I need to work out how to convert it correctly.

I have taken apart the old head unit to try and work out what's going on but my electronic knowledge is limited. From what I can see it seems that the input signal is of a balanced type and I believe the original head unit has some sort of balun or what I believe is prob more likely is it uses some sort of differential signalling and there is a receiver that I need to replicate.

I have attached some pictures

So at the bottom is the input (direct from the camera), I've labelled up the 2 input wires and these also have a third shielding wire I haven't labelled

These go through a resistor and capacitor network into an unknown chip labelled "LMW37". This chip has the 2 input pins, a ground and a 4th pin. The 4th pin goes through a couple resistors and then I have marked it as "output". There is 3.3v supplied at this point. I have also attached a picture of the opposite side of the board and circled in red where I get continuity from where I have marked "output" and this goes into this other IC which I guess supplies the 3.3v

I hope someone can take a look and at least steer me in the right direction, I really need to know what this "LMW37" is and what it's function is as I believe it is the key to working this out and getting the useable stable signal that I need for the new head unit.

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Can't find any reference to that specific device, but my guess is that its an active balun (BALanced to UNbalanced converter).

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Can't find any reference to that specific device, but my guess is that its an active balun (BALanced to UNbalanced converter).
Thanks for the reply

I believe you are right but I am still stuck at a point where I need to try and replicate this circuit and turn this signal into a useable signal

Do you have any ideas? I would love to try and get this working and happy to get some bits to experiment, is there anything I can do to help with this?

How would I get the signal I am after from this? If I unsoldered the parts from this PCB for testing how would I go about this? I can see a 3.3v supply would be needed but how does that get separated for a normal video output? Normal RCA composite video feed is around 1v right?

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I'm fairly sure the LMW37 part is nothing more than a transient protection device. The balanced to unbalanced conversion would be via a differential amplifier with the appropriate signal bandwidth. It will have at least 6 terminals, with two connected somehow to the vias off the 2k2 resistors. Look for backside or internal PCB traces from those vias.