Need help identifying and sourcing this LCD screen for WaveRunner display

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Hey folks,

I've torn into the sun-fried display from my 2006 yamaha waverunner and am looking for a replacement display. I've searched through a few different electronics sellers to see if anything is available, but no luck so far. The display has the zebra type connector. I count 34 connection points on the board (see pics). Display measures 70mmx43mmx2.75mm. I am hoping to find a replacement screen to repair my gauge rather than buy a new one where the screen may fail immediately. New ones are around $900 and I'm not sure I want to spend that on my budget jet ski project. Any guidance you have is greatly appreciated. Thanks! IMG_8760.JPGIMG_8779.JPGIMG_8780.JPGIMG_8781.JPGIMG_8782.JPG