need help for thesis.

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hello. i need help about title for my thesis. Im B.S in Electrical Engineering student 5th yr. anyone can help me? any title i will accept. thank you..


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Welcome to AAC.

How about, "My BS Thesis?" (punctuation optional)

With the information you gave, it is almost impossible for us to suggest an appropriate title. It is even more impossible to understand how someone could do a thesis and not know what it was about.

In less than 30 words, please tell us what your thesis was about and what you found.

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He casts. The lure flies across the still water and splashes loudly.
Now to get comfortable and wait for the "big one".
The rare and elusive PhD fish. Never confined to just one sea, it roams the dark depths of all the world's networking waterways.
Maybe one will swim by here.


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What aspect of electronics interests you the most?
What sub-specialties are you strong points (math, physics, analysis, synthesis...)?

Perhaps somebody will be able to suggest a fertile area for you to explore.


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Hi mamart,
You will have to be bit more specific about your interest area. Thesis topic is the basic foundation of your thesis and hence a topic of interest must be selected so as to accomplish the writing task more efficiently.
If you are still confused, you can reach out to Thesis Clinic UK. May be they could be of any help to you.


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While we are writing your thesis, we can answer all your exam questions and deliver all sorts of prototypes to the professor and get you a Masters or Doctorate without you having to lift a finger.


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How about "Why engineering jobs are going away".
"The future of non-silicon semiconductors".
"Non-ferrous diamagnetic compounds".
"Practical applications of flux capacitors for energy storage." Flux capacitor USB car charger shown,

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