Need help finding a small connector

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First post to this community, and hoping someone can help me. I'm modifying some Philips Hue Light strips ( so that I can extend them into smaller pieces, all under the control of a single unit.

There are 6 small connections on the strip, and I will be inserting my own wire. Similar to this,

However, because I need to run some cable into a wall now, and later connect up the lights, i would like to solder in a small connector to make life easier. Something like the diagram below.


The lights unit has a max rating of 830mA. Can anyone help me find some male/female connectors? I tried searching and, but i'm just blinded by the stunning amount of options. Ideally the connector would have some sort of seal as the lights will be installed under kitchen cabinets where moisture is very likely. I also want them to be relatively small, ideally flat/rectangular.


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How about something like this from

They're much less expensive on I've bought male/female pins and single connector housings that were satisfactory.

If the contact spacing is 0.1", you could also solder male headers directly.