Need help finding a circuit board Transformer

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I am having issues finding a replacement transformer
The transformer has the markings:
CN. 15638
It is from an italian model motorcycle gauge cluster.
It gets pushed onto 6 pins, three pins per side (prim/sec) of the circuit board, there is small copper wires that come out of the windings and around the pins of the circuit board.
I believe it is 12VDC and steps up to 130VDC but I am not for sure of the secondary voltage 100%. Any help is much appreciated.
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from the manufacturer:
"ICES-EBM is a designer and manufacturer of custom wound components for electronic applications "

This very likely means that the transformer has been custom made for the application.
It is possible but not likely that it has failed. Transformers with laminated iron cores are pretty robust, though I have seen cracked bobbins resulting in broken connections to the windings. A failure in some other component might cause "burn out" of a winding.

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Hi all thx for the replies.

thedoc8: The transformer is not blownup or anything, I dropped my gauge cluster and the transformer dislodged from the circuit board ripping out the winding taps, they are little tiny copper wires coming out of the windings and are pushed into these little holes that then push onto a pin within the circuit board. The little copper wires ripped and i attempted to repair them or guide them in the right direction but failed.

Dodgydave: The 130V is used for the backlight. I wish I could post pictures here I attempted but failed :(.

Its so hard to find small little transformers like that