Need advice building multi-out RCA switch

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Hello. I have been trying to figure out the best way to hook up multiple (+10) devices to both TV and projector so they can be used both the same time.
I've come to a conclusion, it's best and most cost-efficent to build it myself.

So the idea is to take 10 composite video inputs, 5 component video inputs, and 15 audio inputs, and build some kind of system to switch between 3 video outputs (2 composite and 1 component) and 2 audio outputs. So this would total in 64 RCA connector (counting both inputs and outputs)

What i've come up yet, is to put 2 buttons for all composite inputs, one to switch for tv, and the other for projector, and one button for all component inputs, as only my projector has component input. Pressing a button to choose another device and should shut off other outputs for that device (tv or projector)
For audio, i tought just to use a 2 way switch for every device.

I was thinking about using relays, but switching relays are probably too expencive for my budget, and regular relays probably draw too much power to make it work.
Also, i don't know if that would degrade the signals, as i don't want the picture/sound quality to drop.

My budget is around $100.

All tips are really appreciated.