Need a circuit idea to store voltage

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I am quite new to field of electronic circuits.
I have thermomagnetic prototype working on Faraday's law which gives an instantaneous output voltage of ~200mV (positive and negative next to one another, just like AC - ref pic attached) . and the frequency of this is about 1 signal per 2 minute.
I would like to know a method/ circuit which could store all these voltages (Let's say after about 10 min - it can store about 1V) and then I could light up an LED.
I tried connecting to a capacitor - But because this is a closed circuit (copper coils), the capacitor gets discharged back through it. and if i want to rectify the signal, I am not able to find any diodes which work below 200mV.
I tried LTC3108 circuit (Startup voltage of 50mV), but when i connect it , there is a voltage drop at the input - although the generator is generating 200mV, the voltage going into input of LTC3108 is just ~20mV. so it does not give any output.

Can anybody help me by suggesting a suitable method to light up an LED? (In simple words - because I am new to circuits :)) I have attached V vs T from my generator for your reference.



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Even if you could harvest the energy, it might take a month of Sundays to collect enough to light a feeble LED for only a few seconds :(.
If you zoom in on the scope trace, what is the width of the pulses? Knowing the pulse width, amplitude and frequency you can calculate the average energy involved.