Need 5V at 2.5A from laptop, any suggestions?

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    Hello allaboutcircuits members,

    I have an ASUS laptop model # N56VZ-DH71 that i'm getting my 11 year old niece for christmas but more importantly, her 9 year old sister will be using it as well. I'm looking for the best way to go about internalizing a usb hub connected to both a logitech unifying receiver and wireless xbox 360 controller receiver where the dvd drive was so there will be less cords=less havoc!

    The laptop has 2 ports on each side and my idea was to hot glue over one of the usb ports 'preventing conflicts if used' and solder it to a usb hub, connecting both usb devices to it.

    The ASUS laptop power supply specs are 19 V DC @ 6.3 A , 120 W.
    The usb hub power supply is 5V @ 2.6A

    I'm not sure if this is the best way to go about this but an idea I had was powering a dc to dc step down converter from 19V to 5V straight from the laptop power jack. For now, the usb hub will be powering a logitech unifying receiver and a xbox 360 controller wireless receiver so there isn't much power consumption.

    - If the extra usb ports on the hub are not used, will one usb port on the laptop provide enough current to power the usb hub, unifying receiver and wireless 360 receiver with no external power source? That would be great!
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    Why go to all that trouble? I can go to my local thrift shop and buy wall-wart or plugin power supplies (transformer based, regulated, unregulated, smps, AC out, DC out up to 100W out) for a $1 or less.
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