My variable frequency drive (pics and video)

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    Sep 5, 2015
    I wanted to share a video and pictures of my success with a project that i started about a year ago.

    A quick introduction.
    im 23 years old.
    I have been working about 4 years as an automation/electrician technician.

    I started out with electronics as a hobby about 2-3 years ago, i started with arduino and the most advanced thing in programming i progressed to was some random LED blink routine basicly.
    and in soldering biggest thing i did was veroboard with a transistor, resistor and potentiometer for a 24v dc fan. [​IMG]

    about a year ago i decided, go big or go home, and i started researching how a vfd operates and decided i shall make one.

    So i recently finished to about 90% my project that was to create a barebones variable frequency drive.
    Im going to take some time to rework my PIC code and get a functioning potentiometer speed input.
    But for now i am really happy with my success!

    video of my VFD test: .
    Picture 1:
    Picture 2:
    picture 3:
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    Jun 18, 2008
    Splendid work :)