My Land based FPV Rover.

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Low budget I admit. I am however hoping that is part of the beauty of it. It has a very long range and run time. Many of the parts are from salvage. The axles, front and rear are from printers. Ball bearings from hard drives. 3D printed plastics designed by myself. The Gears are out of an old heavy duty receipt printer. Metal gear servo's, Ebay 2.49 ea. 1000TVL camera 10.99 Ebay. Three 2000mah cell phone batteries. Old/broken Frysky 2.4 T6 transmitter. Vhf TV antenna. Two Arduino Uno's and two HC-12's. The chassis, old/large power supply. A few 18650's @ the transmitter. Paid 3.49 (used drill LiPo's). Aslo I added a 16x2 LCD to the transmitter.

Would be glad to hear what others think. A few options I have considered for this project would include:

Burning laser mounted to the cam.
High power led on/off headlamp. Already have.
Audio output @ the rover.
Defense methods.

Thanks for your time!
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