Multi voltage PSU design

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Hi, I have plans to create a power supply with several simultaneous outputs. This derives from the need to power a gain stage which requires different voltages to function. I attach the schematic in .asc. The two generators simulate the outputs of the transformer secondary. The doubts I have are currently two. The first is that in simulation the outputs are not completely stabilized despite the presence of a 100uF cap and a 0.1uF cap. The second question is whether it is possible to operate this voltage regulator in parallel without any problems. I also have another question: The ideal thing would be that the outputs were as clean as possible of noises from the circuit components. I have seen that in some circuits there are filter inductances (LC filter?). Does it make sense to put them there? I don't see much noise without it, but I ask you. Thanks.



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Hi, LTspice can be downloaded from HERE . I can't do a screenshot because it would be grainy and the export to image isn't expected.
Sorry but images are a simple thing to get. In any tablet, mobile or PC. Been doing that for the last 20 years with little or no difficulties